Plus Minus of Pilot Schools Abroad

Pilot Schools AbroadCould get an education abroad is a dream for many people including Indonesian students. Not only education in public schools, but the pilot course in Malaysia, the Philippines, USA, etc. is also very desirable. Although sometimes there are trying to find a loan or scholarship to be able to pilot schools abroad. More than just having pride, improve English language skills be the reason. Indeed, overseas pilot schools like two sides of a coin that not only has advantages but also disadvantages. Let’s discuss the two in order to get an idea of ​​whether or not selecting pilot schools abroad.


  • Passed faster. If the pilot schools in Indonesia can only promise the duration of education for 12 to 18 months or more, the average pilot schools abroad instead promising a shorter education ie within a period of 8 to 12 months. It is caused by a trainer aircraft at foreign schools is adequate. It could also be because it has been holding a flight instructor who is experienced.
  • Cost competitive education. For the cost of education alone, overseas pilot schools is very competitive. In fact, it could be cheaper than in Indonesia (with the pilot schools private non-subsidized). Still lack the presence of pilot schools in the country once the expensive equipment to create educational support pilot school education costs, especially in the country soar.


  • Must take pilot endorsement. Be proud to be a pilot school graduates abroad. However, when they want to work in the airline in Indonesia, must take first endorsement. Endorsement done to equalize the license. In addition, the endorsement is also made to ensure that the capabilities is in line with expectations or aviation standards in Indonesia. Remember, it is not free to do endorsement! Endorsement fee varies depending on the school. If work abroad? Do not need another endorsement.
  • Need high living costs. Education expenses may be competitive, but to the cost of living abroad is certainly more expensive than at home. If in Indonesia only need living expenses of approximately 1.5 million per month, overseas could be many times more than that. Although true, the cost of living is also determined which country chosen for a pilot school education and how personal lifestyle.

Are you sure to continue to pilot schools abroad? The conviction was unanimous, but still be careful not to just be tempted by the existence of the pilot schools abroad alone. Fixed consider all aspects before making an application that is usually accompanied by a fee lumana. Among them: where flight training, have shared or own? The good has its own let me quickly pass, who is the instructor? Nice if the instructor has at least 1000 hours of flying, how much total fleet? Try capable, proportional to the amount the cadet. Find out more FlyingSchoolMy on Twitter.