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thankyouWhat is your biggest dream? If you ask me that question, of course I will answer my biggest dream is to be a pilot. Why? Becoming a pilot is amazing and fantastic because I can visit many places in various areas and countries. Besides, I can get thousands of dollars every month, fulfill all my needs, and cheer my parents, siblings, and girlfriend up. Making dream come true is not easy because there is a long process that I have to pass. Of course, there are many obstacles that will disturb and hamper me. I realize about those but I will survive and do my best.

To make my dream come true, I planned to join pilot course in Philippines this year. I discussed with my parents and they agreed with my plan. The problem was I got difficulty in choosing the right flying academy there. This happened because when checking on internet, I found there more than 35 pilot schools in Philippines. All of them admitted that they were professional and trustworthy. To be honest, I was confused by and afraid of taking wrong decision.

Couple months ago, I shared my problem with my best friend. He promised to help me as well as possible. Another day, he called and suggested me to visit Initially, I did not want to visit that site because I thought that it was unreliable. Nevertheless, after my friend told me that it is a group of flying school consultant in Philippines, I considered visiting it. At that site, I found a lot of useful information, such as: 3 most important things to become a pilot, tips on get a job after graduating, pilot endorsement, and information about pilot salary in Philippines Airline. Besides, I could consult with its friendly staffs to get detailed information about top flight schools there, including advantages and disadvantages of those schools.

I chatted with the staffs about pilot schools that offered scholarship or installment program because I did not want to make my parents spend a lot of money directly. They helped me find the right school and I was interested in joining that school. Another best part was they helped me handle registration progress so I did not bother myself and waste much time anymore.

Now, I have registered as a pilot school student in Philippines. I am very happy because I get closer with my dream. I hope next year I can graduate and work as first officer at airline. I want to say thanks a lot for that already helps me. Anyway, if you want to know about this online pilot school consultant, visit its website or follow its Facebook account soon, okay!